I know that the vast majority of those reading this will hold The Doomed City as the band’s new high water mark. It absolutely deserves it, and if there’s any justice in the metal community, this will be the album that firmly places Necropanther on the map as one of this decade’s best metal acts, of any genre. Hail Necropanther, now and forever.”

Angry Metal Guy / Eldritch Elitist

The Doomed City oscillates freely between nerve-frying deathrash in the vein of bands like Skeletonwitch and Toxic Holocaust and flesh-shredding melodeath reminiscent of groups like Arch Enemy, and at no point does it want for full-on “FUCK YEAH!”-ness.”


Their sound is distinctly American and timelessly compelling, with a commitment to pure professional musicianship uncommon even in today’s celebrated death metal revival. ”

Thomas Hinds, Invisible Oranges

...First-class blackened melodic death/thrash metal, with all it's fury and desperation, poise and mastery, summing up into a massive sounding album for the ages! "The Doomed City" is a very strong contender to 2019's Metal Album of the Year, deserving all the accolades, and then some. Utterly recommended! 10/10”

Emil Chiru, Unique High Fidelity

A major step forwards for an already solid and intriguing band. Gothenburg and blackened thrash fans alike should run to pick up this release”

Flight Of Icarus, Metal Trenches

What immediately sticks out about Necropanther’s third LP, The Doomed City, is just how much it rips... concise and visceral, managing to avoid virtually any filler from start to finish.”

Brett Tharp, Astral Noize

There is a unique feel to this record that shows off its influences without pretension. Listen to it enough and you just might learn something new about yourself.”

Pete Williams, Heavy Blog is Heavy

The Doomed City is just about everything a good metal album should be...Necropanther are great writers, able to astutely execute on a concept without losing any individuality or ‘spin’ to it.”

David Rodriguez, Everything is Noise

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