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Metal Storm Nominates BETRAYAL for Speed/Thrash Album of the Year

International heavy hitter webzine METAL STORM has named BETRAYAL a TOP TEN album of 2023 and have nominated it for Album of the Year in their Speed/Thrash categories, alongside metal greats like Enforced, Exmortus, Hellix, Hellripper and Overkill. The winner will be decided by fan votes - help us out!



Metal Trenches puts BETRAYAL in “Perfection Tier”

Favorite YouTuber/Blogger/Metal Expert METAL TRENCHES selected BETRAYAL for his “Perfection Tier” Thrash Metal Albums of 2023 alongside heavy hitters like Hellripper, Cavalera, Enforced and Metallica.

Ending up on a list with Metallica…we did not see that coming!



Popular YouTuber Belgian Jasper named Betrayal his Album of the Year and we couldn't be more thrilled.  His year-end wrap up included 24 genres covering a wide spectrum of musical styles, even some outside the metal community. 

This was an absolutely stunning honor to be selected over so many incredible releases from 2023.

Hear what Belgian Jasper had to say about Betrayal:



“Easily one of Denver’s best metal acts, Necropanther is the perfect type of band. Talented musicians who don’t take themselves too seriously, Necropanther tear it apart on stage while having a blast and exuding rad, positive energy. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a heavier cover of the Terminator 2: Judgement Day theme, then be sure to show up at the next show. That's just an example to illustrate and iterate what I mean. The entire hour long set was FAST, thrashy, and tighter than the lid on a new jar of pickles. After the final song concluded, the crowd beckoned deafeningly for more; of course the band obliged and treated us all to one final ripper.” (February 2024)

Permanent Ephemera:


BETRAYAL'S International Spotify Story

Year-end wraps are a great way for bands to chart their growth. Necropanther's 2023 wrap on Spotify showed huge growth new listeners in other countries.  We increased our international friends by over 700% in 2023. We sent Necromerch to more countries than we could imagine.  In the past 30 days, our top Spotify listener locations include German, UK, Sweden, Mexico, Australia, Brazile, France and Norway.

A great example:  El Octavio Dio Radio (Spain) selected Betrayal as a Top 10 metal album of 2023!

Thank you to everyone who streams our music, wherever you are!