This is a fantastic little EP.  Overall one of the best metal EPS that I've listened to this year and I'm a huge fan of this record. I’m going to give it 5 /5 stars.” - Ray Wheeler

Brutally Delicious Podcast

Necropanther, which we talked about on the channel in our favorite albums of 2023 video , is here with a crazy EP less than a year later. The band, which made me fall in love with its aggressive, uncompromising and at the same time melodic musical structure, has introduced different tastes and songs to this EP...As a result, Oblivion Jones is an unusual, experimental, and solid EP, and it is surprising that the band is an independent band.”

— Extriminal

The highly prolific band has put out at least one release every year since 2016—excluding 2017—and are still finding new ways to push themselves. On their latest EP, Oblivion Jones, Necropanther take their thrashy and slightly-blackened take on melodic death metal and infuse it with saxophone courtesy of Rico Jones, bass solos and a number of other new tricks.”

Decibel Magazine

What a ride this EP is! The first song, ‘The Denver School’ starts like an old-school blackened thrash song. Suddenly you think, “Is that a saxophone solo? ‘The Transported Man’ is a guitar virtuoso epic. It’s eleven and a half minutes of grand movements and thrilling harmonies. ‘Fast Friday’ is a stripped-down crusher! Then we are treated to another saxophone solo. The EP closes with a bang on the aptly titled ‘Thrash Till Death’. I hope we get more tales of Oblivion Jones in the future and more saxophone solos! 8/10”

Metal Digest

Necropanther are quickly becoming a gem of Denver for me. So much good heavy music has emerged in the last several years from here, so much of it different from their peers, and then there’s bands like this who can wear many hats and masks to great effect, not to act as a facsimile or banal imitation, but to pay homage and challenge themselves creatively. I’m really impressed by this EP and it excites me for what’s in the future for them, and by proxy for us as fans. Hell yeah”

Everything Is Noise


This is a release that deserves to be on peoples best of lists for 2023, and if there is any justice, it will be embraced as one of the strongest albums of the year. 5/5”

Metal Epidemic